Start a New Gym & Start Now - Empower yourself!

I recently started a new gym & I couldn’t recommend doing it enough!

I was getting to a point with my training especially at this time of year where motivation was lacking. I felt as though I was simply going through the motions. This can make you so much more resistant to training. This is something I hate & realised that I needed to switch up my environment.

Your environment can both positively and negatively impact you & your progression so having the right environment for you especially regarding training & a gym is vital. In the summer I was training in a different gym & it did wonders for me.

I realised that this was something that I needed again & this is why:

Joining a different (and the right gym for you) can create a whole new buzz & energy that ignites that spark back for

  • Your environment can set the standard for your behaviour
  • Being around people who are pushing themselves physically & mentally equally encourages you to do the same
  • Even the physical presence of a new environment creates a new set of challenges that keeps your stimulated
  • You (we) are a product of your environment & if you’re starting to feel deflated & unmotivated well then maybe it’s time to switch it up… & this goes for all aspects of your life