Train with D - Danielle Sadler

Mamas and Babas Class at The Unit Saddleworth

Why I couldnt have been more grateful to this class during my post partum recovery!

I gained 3 stone after having my daughter and whilst I was on cloud 9 with every part of her I was not prepared for the impact birth had on my body or my self confidence. I wanted to show my daughter off to the world but at the same time I wanted to hide myself away in shame. I had injured my knee and just getting down on the floor to play with her and do simple tasks was becoming difficult and painful.

I found Danielle on Instagram and had been following her account for some time. After Elena was born I saw that on her stories she was asking if anyone would be interested in a Mamas and Babas class and I instantly messaged asking for more information. I had seen other classes in the area which looked great, however, they were pay as you go and didn’t require a big commitment. This is amazing for people who want a more flexible approach to returning to exercise and its such a great offering, however, I wanted something a little more structured. The class Danielle ran was a 6 week program, 3 times a week at 9.30am and this is exactly the structure I needed. So in March 2022 I signed up, I loved it so much I continued for the next 4! Elena was only 7 weeks when we started and for the first part she slept through most of the sessions but as she became more alert she loved listening to the music, watching us workout and interacting with the other babies. I met some incredible like minded women and the mamas and the babas became a fitness family!

I knew I was ready to train at 7 weeks post partum, I had an uncomplicated natural birth and I had been signed off from my doctors and I felt ready! Everyone has such a different birthing experience and no one should ever put pressure on themselves to do something they are not ready to do or just do not want to do. I wanted to train and whilst there was some level of self pressure it wasn’t unhealthy and the pressure soon disappeared after I started to feel stronger and fitter. 

I am now returning to work from maternity leave and I have lost 1.5 stone, meaning I am half way there to losing the remaining weight. But the weight loss has not been the biggest benefit of this class, it’s the relationships, the advice, the strength and the fitness that has contributed to such a positive maternity experience. 

There are so many different types of mums and babies fitness classes that all look incredible, thank you to all the men and women who run them, you are making such a difference. But for me this type of class couldn’t have been better for my recovery. I have so much gratitude to Danielle, thank you from the bottom of my heart! My maternity is over but my fitness journey is not! Here is to an exciting 2022 , on a road to becoming fitter and stronger in body and in mind!

Emma , Empower xoxoxo