Let's talk about training & eating over the festive season

This goes without saying but you do what YOU want to do over the festive period (and with your life in general)!

Some people use this time of year to take a little break both physically & mentally & I wanted to chat about it Personally, I like keeping the momentum going with regards to training I’m currently training around 5-6 times per week with 2 lower body & upper body sessions & cardio However, when it comes to eating & drinking I’m far more relaxed! This time of year can create some anxiety for people around training, eating & drinking.

Firstly consider what you want to use this period for? 

Secondly, if you’re keeping up with training are you doing it because you want to keep fit or are you doing it to burn off those treats?

The last couple of years has proved to us that spending time with loved ones is more precious than ever. So if you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones then be present & enjoy it. So I thought I’d pop some pointers to remember during the festive season:

Is it rest & recovery or is it to get a head start on those goals you’ve set for 2022? Your mindset is integral & training to burn off food is not a mindset that you want to get into!

You should never be punishing your body for eating & viewing exercise as punishment creates a negative connection with it. Remember that it’s a privilege to move your body!

This time of year is about creating memories & eating & drinking is a part of that. (Well for me anyways) So whatever you’re going to use this period to take a step back have a little read over these points & enjoy yourself!

Author – Tess